Yichang Tourism and Commercial HQ.


Yichang Municipality
Master Planning, Concept Design, Architectural Design
Start date
Completion date
Gross Area
886.500 Sqm GFA
Shopping mall, office, Hotel, Residential, Retail
In charge of MP concept design, Mall and towers modeling, CGI consultant, presentation to the client

Yichang Tourism and Commercial HQ.
yichang masterplan bird eyeview

Yichang city is located near Wuhan in Hubei province lying on the northern bank of the Yangtze River. The master plan for the project focuses on approximately 382.600 sqm and a built area of 886.500 sqm. The project includes offices, a shopping mall, a cultural center, retail, and a hotel. The masterplan has emerged from an in-depth understanding of the existing urban morphology of the site.

Tourism HQ is multicomplex on site large 382.600sqm and built area of 886.500sqm, representing new competitive culture –commercial city content.

Project is located on belt linking great transportation keypoints (railway and bus station), with a city park and entertaining park, leading further to another museum and exhibition complex on the south, this way, generating significant planning experience content. Tourism cultural zone is located near big transit road, exposing museums and cultural centers to the visitors, and organizing convenient transportation access in order to distribute different groups around the site, releasing traffic pressure. The idea intends to evoke local tourism advantages, interfering with modern commercial content.


Site location has a very specific environment, infrastructure, and built resources in close surroundings which affects the future role of the site.
Circulations, target groups, and zoning areas are considered accordingly.

Smart structure network concept defyining the role of the project in bigger picture.

yichang masterplan diagram 1
yichang masterplan diagram 2
yichang masterplan diagram 3


China is constantly changing its global image and impact to the world’s key contemporary issues and goals.
Belt and Road initiative creates more opportunities, visibilities, and new roles for places to be developed in the future.

When talking about international, it is not just facade to be built, it is a platform that identifies local culture, but applies modern technologies and infrastructure.

Making the world closer is not just infrastructure, but various cultural content, accessibility, and identity.
China has numerous tourism development on going which helps improve better mapping and content networking for better operations platforms in local, national, and global markets.

yichang masterplan diagram concept

tower  concept design

yichang concept tower diagram
yichang masterplan tower view

shopping mall and exhibition spaces

yichang masterplan plan first floor
yichang masterplan plan 2nd floor
yichang masterplan section
yichang masterplan shopping mall

The Shopping mall is located at south corner aim to create a gate to the site, the function is not only commercial, but also a touristic center.

yichang masterplan retail view
yichang masterplan retail view

Experience identity of any project reflects through its key points on site. This project considers big movements and different target groups to satisfy, therefore, plazas accessible to multiply content are to be considered in order to distribute people’s movement in the most efficient way.


Rich content often meets planning challenges. Understanding all the facilities and access to them are crucial for general site functionality


Attention to details is crucial in space where creativity co-exist and where peoples styles comes to surface. Environment is added value to contemporary society, therefore to thir work, leisure or recreation.

yichang masterplan retail bird view
yichang masterplan retail view
yichang masterplan retail view